For practically his entire life, "Little" Dave Parker has been actively involved with creating art. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, he was in and out of various art classes and courses since age 7.

After highschool, Dave left Atlanta and attended Indiana University(Bloomington, IN) where he studied a wide array of techniques and mediums, including drawing, photography, and printmaking. He received a Bachelors Degree in studio art, and chose to remain in Bloomington for several years, engulfed in the rich atmosphere created by the local arts community.

He began a tattoo apprenticeship at a local studio called Skinquake, learning about the many basic aspects of the art form, as well as blood borne pathogen training and business aspects of the industry. While learning the art of tattooing, he also worked part-time as an instructor for various life-drawing classes at The Waldron Arts Center.

Dave relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2007 and began working at Ship Shape Tattoo in San Pedro. He is still currently tattooing there, and has additionally begun working at Clay Decker's True Tattoo in Hollywood, CA, where he continues to hone his skills and develop his art.